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Theodor Blume GmbH
Hoher Weg 18
31134 Hildesheim
Tel.: +49 5121 35007
Fax: +49 5121 39832
Email: info (AT)

Managing Director:
Beryl Blume
Shareholders: Birgit Blume, Heinz-Joachim Blume

Registry court: District Court of Hildesheim
Register number: 11 HRB 429
VAT identification number
in accordance with § 27 of the VAT Act: DE 115 967 039
Content manager
in accordance with § 10, paragraph 3 MDStV: Beryl Blume

Website: Kreativagentur LAUTHALS GmbH

Disclaimer for the website of Gold and Silversmith Theodor Blume:

Website content

Th. Blume shall endeavour to ensure that the website is current, accurate and complete. However, the possibility of errors cannot be ruled out completely.

Th. Blume assumes no liability for errors with respect to the accuracy or completeness of this website's contents, unless such errors occur intentionally or through gross negligence. This refers to any possible material or immaterial damage incurred by third parties that may have been caused by the use of this website.


The layout of the homepage, the graphics and the images used are protected by copyright. All rights, including the rights of photomechanical reproduction, the duplication and distribution via special processes (e.g., data processing, data carriers, data networks), even partially, are reserved by Th. Blume.

External references and links

By decree of 12 May 1998, the LG (Higher Regional Court) of Hamburg judged that one may be held jointly responsible for the content of sites linked to. According to the LG, this responsibility can only be waived by explicitly distancing oneself from these contents.

The following applies with respect to all external links on our website:

'Th. Blume has no influence on the design and contents of external internet sites. Th. Blume therefore distances itself from all external content, even if these external sites are linked to on the website of Th. Blume by means of a hyperlink.

This statement applies to all links (hyperlinks) on our homepage and website in general, and to all content of the sites to which these links lead.


If visitors to this website are presented with the opportunity to enter personal details (email address, names, addresses, etc.), these details are provided voluntarily by the visitor. Th. Blume expressly states that such information will not be shared with third parties and that it will only be used in the performance of the company activities. Furthermore, all personal information shall be immediately deleted following our receipt of a written request for us to do so.

To improve the user experience on the site, too. Cookies used. They give easy access to users who repeatedly visit the website. Cookies are small files that are to be transferred from the user's browser to the PC and stored. This recognition is possible because the cookies also take over the IP address. User does not have to allow it, because the browser has options to deactivate or best restrict cookies. In this context it should be pointed out that then possibly the full use of the website is not given.

Google Maps
On our website, we reveal on Google Maps to make geographic information visually appealing. Google Maps is a map service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google can also be found in the United States. Google hereby receives the information that the contact page of our website has been activated.

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Legal validity

This legal disclaimer is part of the website of Th. Blume. Should parts or individual formulations of this text be no longer (or no longer completely) legally valid, the remaining parts shall remain valid.